Hi ! I feel I haven’t posted enough on here ! That’s pretty obvious ! Agh, it won’t be like that for much longer …

For now on, each month, I’ll be making a playlist- 10 tunes I’m cherishing throughout the month that really identify with the time for me. I’d like to include whatever link/s I can to let you access the playlist first handedly, a breakdown of what each song means to me with some background info about the artist, and maybe other tid bits about music currently. Music is one of the most important parts of life to me and something I have endless love for. Sharing music and learning about it more is something I love to do !!!

So, without further adieu, here’s the playlist:



  1. Lies – The Black Belles 
  2. The Ghost Who Walks – Karen Elson
  3. Wasted Time – Goth Babe
  4. I Wanna Be a Witch – Teen Suicide 
  5. Moonage Daydream – David Bowie
  6. So Sad, So Sad – Varsity 
  7. Float Forever – Peace
  8. Suicide Pact – JJAMZ
  9. Joanne – Lady Gaga
  10. Blue Orchid – The White Stripes 

Available for your listening pleasure on: Spotify, TIDAL, Soundcloud, and Youtube ! *

* (ps the youtube and soundcloud links are incomplete or feature different versions of a few of the songs that can’t be fully accessed on those sites, wish I could help it, soz)

. . . The B R E A K D O W N . . .


Song 1 : Lies – The Black Belles

This band is not only a seasonal favorite of mine, but an all time favorite. Hailing from Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville, this band of witches brews some serious vamped, goth, surf rock. Although, they haven’t released anything since their first album, and never tour, and probably aren’t even technically together anymore, their music still rocks my world. I chose their cover of the song “Lies” (originally by The Knickerbockers) featured as the B side on their special ‘blue room’ single release of “What Can I Do”. For this specific month’s playlist of mine, having them on it was a necessity! I play them lots throughout my life in general but around this *spooky* time of year their record is spinning 24/7 !!! I chose this particular song because it definitely shows their frightening side the most and just screams bloody murder, literally.


Song 2 : The Ghost Who Walks – Karen Elson

Also reigning from Third Man Records, another song haunting and glorious and smoothly bittersweet, is The Ghost Who Walks by one of my biggest inspirations around, Karen Elson. This tune is one I always associate with this time of year, along with her cover of “Season of the Witch” (originally by Donovan and featured on AHS Season 3, maybe you’re already aware of it!). Her crisp sound that’s so haunting is so tragic in the story that it tells in her lyrics and the soft rock lullaby it is is so so beautiful and yet so dark. It was the first song I heard from her and immediately, I was hooked on all she creates. I fell asleep to her entire album every night for what felt like years. If it helps at all in deciphering the sound without having listened to it yet, my dad always says this song reminds him of The Doors and really gives off some 60s sound. Overall, it’s a track to die for.


Song 3 : Wasted Time – Goth Babe

Goth Babe was recommended to me by an old childhood best friend I just rekindled with. All my friends back in Nashville are so ahead of the game and know some really fantastic bands I never get to hear about being where I am now. This band has been coined “pure garage-rock gold” (x) and yes that’s EXACTLY what they are. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe them. Their sound really takes me back to all the hangs with friends in autumn years ago, freezing, talking about mistakes, endlessly laughing and confused. I miss it. I tried to choose whatever song of theirs comes off as the most spooky to me, being it’s October and I’m too obsessed with the * spooky theme *, and I guess this song does because of it’s intro, tone, and the howling of the chorus. It’s a great track, especially if it’s your first listen to Goth Babe. I cannot wait to hear more & more from this hometown band.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 4.46.12 PM.png

Song 4 : I Wanna Be a Witch – Teen Suicide

This sort of correlates with the last song; I followed the recommendation of my old friend, being that this band is one of her ultimate favorites. I began listening to an album she’s posted about lots and even has the name of stick & poked on her knees. I couldn’t resist a listen ! She later recommended the Goblin Problems EP by the same band, and I absolutely fell more and more in love. Although, yeah, the title of the song has a lot to do with why I chose it for this playlist (which seems so stupid), but I chose it also because it reminds me of ghosts or the gritty yet soft sound from old stereos/tvs they always put to add edge in some (horror) films as background sound. This is a gloomy, softer and sweeter track and so delightful. Someone by the username of ‘RED STATIC’ left a note on Teen Suicide’s bandcamp page for the song saying, “Every single listen brings me back to… some of the happiest times of my life in a very beautiful place that no longer exists.”, and I absolutely agree.


Song 5 : Moonage Daydream – David Bowie

I don’t know where to begin, but I also definitely don’t know where to end with this one. I think the first time I actually heard this song, it was a cover done by The White Stripes found drifting along my Tumblr dashboard. All the singing of daydreaming connects me to this time of year, once again, celebrating all things * spooky *. Tons of times where I’m daydreaming and thinking up film scenarios, they usually are out of the ordinary. Whether it be ideas for horror films, tragedies, or anything shining bright on the outside with actually an underlyingly dark theme. Those daydreams are beautiful to me, despite how some would probably disagree. I’m just always daydreaming. Besides that, this song also reminds me of childhood in how playful it is, and it’s been stuck in my head more than ever lately, so I thought I might as well include it here.

( #RIP )


Song 6: So Sad, So Sad –  Varsity

I’m always pleasantly surprised by automated music recommendations made by apps. Pandora added this little number to some station I was finishing up homework to one Sunday evening. After hearing it once, I was already singing it to myself the entire week after, so I went and found more about the band. Varsity is a pop rock band from Chicago (which already proves more about how cool Chicago really is, as everyone keeps telling me) and what they create is just so purely gorgeous. I think I need to hear more, but they are surely becoming a new definite favorite. I’m even obsessed with (all) their cover art!!! I’ve been feeling this song the most lately, so I thought I’d share. You’ll love it. I’m sure.


Song 7: Float Forever – Peace

This minimalist tune is slower and softer, but also empowering. It’s also really reflective to me and I’ve been listening to it all month. I don’t know too much about the artist and haven’t heard any more of their songs but this. This is amazing.


Song 8: Suicide Pact – JJAMZ

This band was (one of) the first bands I saw at a true rock show. That night changed my life. This song is so tragic yet a bop. A lot of songs off this album seem to be ha. Also, I’ll never get enough of Z Berg’s vocals! They are so delicate and passionate at the same time and it’s the most beautiful. JJAMZ now goes by the name “Phases” and even had a song featured on this past season of Orange Is The New Black ! Their pop rock is nice and light hearted, yet still very plugged in. Since this album they’ve experimented with more disco-pop music that’s something of “new nostalgia”. I highly recommend listening to this album in it’s entirety and their latest one, or at least see their few music videos, some of my favorites of all time. One is a little spooky and also great for this time of year ! (and also one of my favorite music videos to ever be made, so, I’d check it out)

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 4.48.18 PM.png

Song 9: Joanne – Lady Gaga

As much as I do adore this entire album, I’m primarily in love with the title track “Joanne”. The album is so transcendent and probably, just like Beyoncé’s LEMONADE, is Gaga’s most raw, most diverse, most personal, and most important album. The song Joanne struck a major chord with me. She sings about where a girl could possibly be going in her life, and where she’s gone, and every part of inevitability; something I ponder on, and more. It all connected to me. My description of the meaningful lyrics isn’t enough, so how about I have Gaga explain it more for you —> x


Song 10: Blue Orchid – The White Stripes

So my favorite band, of all time, to ever exist, is The White Stripes. Almost everything I’ve grown to learn in the art of music since I moved cities has spawned from these two. Blue Orchid is a song that is so vamped and sharp and dark, I’m so in love with it. It’s one of the first major songs I learned on guitar! Their sound is so pure and addictive. If you haven’t listened to this or the band at all (which you probably just have and haven’t realized it, Seven Nation Army ring any bells? uhm), go and change your life NOW! Here’s the video – xxx (featuring Karen Elson!)

Okay, so since I now have a horrid headache and oh gosh look at that October is almost over. I’m ending this short and sweet. Hope you enjoy some (maybe)new music !





So, I’m finally getting into my blog here and I’m excited! I’ve forever felt that expression through words has been a very strong suit for me and I’m finally putting that to some good use up & public.


(So, this isn’t the greatest pic to introduce me, but here I am mirror selfie-ing in FDR’s house wussupp heh only pic I could find of me recently on my computer ooph)

I’m never good at introductions, especially when it comes to myself, but I guess that’s a good start! I don’t know. I’m an ambivert sagittarius who feels twenty years older than I actually am. I’m obsessed with the number three. I also am quite obsessed with youtubers, more so the older more original ones, and how they express themselves through what they create and upload. They really have shown me how impactful and special the online community can be and how nice it is to be here! I know when I’m in my ole adult life I’ll look back and will be thanking them for getting me through these teen years. They really are. To name a few that inspire me tons (even though it feels like the list never ends); Marzia Bisognin (who also has a lovely blog here), Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Catrific, Zoella, Louise Pentland, Dan & Phil, PJ Liguori, the SourceFed team, and Dodie Clark are some lovely youtube content creators I especially love and look up to. There’s tons more people I could name but I didn’t want to bore anyone with zillions of names heheh…

PicMonkey Collage

I’m very passionate about people, travel, music, art, film, style and the english language. I was born in Santa Cruz, California but lived in Burbank (LA) for my first year of life. (I even took some of my first steps on the Warner Bros. lot since that’s where my dad worked, love that fact sorry). Spent my early school years in Santa Cruz later on and then moved to Nashville, Tennessee when I was 6 or 7. I lived there for most of my life so far. Now I live in Florida, and as I always say, “it’s alright” *in a blatantly sarcastic tone*. I was raised in, what others around me make it seem as, a very different sort of family. My parents are first generation American born children of Italian, and one Polish, immigrants. They were raised in New York; one deep in the city and one far upstate. I’m grateful for having such dedicated parents despite the times we may not get along on everything well. Stupid angsty teen years/ignorance of the elders* amiright? I think I’ll discuss it further in another post though, because I’ve learned a lot from experiences having to do with that, as a lot of us have.

*(PS I actually come from a very open minded family overall, but every family has SOMEONE ya know?)


Here is my sister, Katie! My only sibling and the best sibling. She has Down Syndrome and is one of the sweetest and smartest people I know. She loves swimming hehe ^_^

I didn’t want to go too in depth on this first post, but also didn’t want it to be too plain and didn’t want to leave anything out I’d regret later on. I’m very much a natural oversharer when it comes to online sharing so forgive meh… I’ll begin to wrap things up…

I’m excited about expressing myself more and more on the web, as so many people I’ve followed and looked up to for ages do. I couldn’t help but follow through with my secret dream of doing what they do, even if I’m not getting paid for it.

To close this, something that has gotten me through tons of boundaries is something Grace Helbig said at her Ramapo Commencement Speech (2015) . I’ve always told myself this in times where I get petty fears of things that I want to do or get done and it’s always helped me:

“Follow your fear”

I have always wanted to venture into the online space and have always wanted to try these things I’ve always dreamed about and have always WANTED to do things but then I become scared to follow through. In times when that happens, Grace’s words always stick with me and help me. And they really have. I make (crappy) youtube videos now after watching and wanting to for over 7 years of time! I’ve reached out to more and more people especially over the web and have even made friendships that have had the wonderful outcome of a collaborative youtube channel! With people from almost every continent! I’ve become more invested in my life as far as ethics and work go and have gotten a better grip on the thought of my future even though ha I’ll never be exactly sure of that ever, the future doesn’t exist yet! *slowly paranoia kicks in…* . My social anxiety has gotten better and I’ve gotten to do things I’ve wanted to do so bad, but didn’t before because I was afraid and worried they could be even the slightest bit uncomfortable. These examples may seem small on the outside, but I struggled a lot internally with pursuing these things and just like everyone, still struggle. It’s only natural! I just got through tons more than I thought I could.

So thank you world, and thank you Grace! Hope anyone reading this follows their fear and ventures into places of their dreams too. And don’t let anyone tell you how small your dreams are either! Dreams are ‘one size only’ and it’s how you personally perceive them and want them to be. I know it’s a simple expression, but please DON’T LET OTHERS’ OPINIONS MATTER when it comes to your dreams. Unless your dreams are harmful, ya know? Then ask for help ASAP!

Thanks again, and hope you didn’t hate reading this!

-Lauren Xx